Suggestion For Shopping – CELPIP Speaking

Your friend’s cousin is visiting from abroad, and she loves shopping. Advise your friend on where to take his cousin shopping and which shops are the most interesting.

Hey Mat, I heard that your cousin is coming from abroad and she would like to go shopping. Since she is very fond of shopping, I would like to recommend which place will be the best for you to take her.

I can recommend Dorabjee Mall, which is at Kondhwa, and the best part is that it’s just a mile away from your house. There are exclusive boutiques with designer clothes, bangles, etc. Also, you’ve got beauty shops where she can get all sorts of makeup items. 

So there are pretty exciting shops that she can go and check out. It also has some great eating joints, which means that if she’s tired from shopping and feels hungry, you have got some excellent food like crispy chicken, veggies, etc., to engorge. The most interesting shop I can suggest is called the Ethnics, which is just on the first floor, the moment you enter the mall, and there is an escalator that she can take to reach the shop. It has got some trendy traditional kurtas, sarees and Pathani suits. She is traveling from abroad, and I am pretty confident that she would like to have something local, and this mall is a one-stop-shop for everything she needs. 

Thank you

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