CELPIP Speaking

  • Give a summary of what you see – who, their feeling?
  • Talk about which place, time the year picture was probably taken. Talk about what photographer must be doing.
  • Add details
  • Speculate about what’s in the picture using – “I suppose, probably etc”


Summary: In this picture there are two people sitting at a table, looking unhappy.
When are where: There is woman on the left and a man on the right.
Details( items, colors etc ): In the middle of the picture we can see some things on the table like cups of tea, biscuits, milk and so on. The woman is wearing a gray top and the man is wearing a loose sweatshirt with a hoodie.
Feeling: The two people look sad and irritated, and they are not speaking to each other.
Action/State: They are both looking down at the table.
Speculate: I suppose they had a fight and now they are not talking to each other, or they might just be bored and not have anything to talk about.
About photographer: I guess its a stock photo otherwise why would the photographer might be in the kitchen.

Summary: In this picture I can see umbrellas hanging in the air.
When are where: This picture must have been taken in a street on a bright sunny day.
Details( items, colors etc ): In the foreground we can see a streetlight. The umbrellas fill the picture from left to right. The umbrellas are of many different colors mostly bright colors like pink yellow or green.
Feeling: NA
Action/State: They are handing from wires. I can see atleast four lines of umbrellas hanging down in this way, however there could be even more.
Speculate: May be this is some sort of art project. It might also be a festival or tradition that people decorate the streets with colorful umbrella like this.
About photographer: Perhaps the photographer was a tourist walking around the city, when he observed this amazing scene.