Main repetitive words to be worked on:

  • can, life, also, make, money, needs, happy, people, living


moneywealth, cash, funds, capital, sums, dough, financelarge sums of money, enormous wealth,  fabulously wealthy
peoplepublic, person, human, citizens, folks, society, community, humanity
healthfitness, well-being, wellness, good shape, state of health, vigor and vitality, physical wellness,
worktask, effort, duties, job, chores, slog, toil, employment
working hoursduration of work, duty time, labor hours, staff time, man-hours, company time
timeperiod, moment, duration, hours, while, interval, span
canmay, often, have the ability, are capable of, have the capacity, possible, possibly, presumably, perhapsit might be said that.., it may even be more…, may lead to.., hopefully making them.., it is the role of (..) generally, there seem to be…, Probably the main factor, May indeed happen.., tend to have an especially grave impact.., it seems that…, would appear to be.., Perhaps the major problem is.., which often accompanies this lifestyle, this could be done through.., It is also, typically.., is a possible way..
lifelifetime, life span
leisurerecreation, relaxation, time off, entertainment, amusement, vacation, holiday, pleasure, breathing space
activitiesactions, ventures(dangerous), deeds, tasks, pastime, recreationpioneering ventures into little-known waters
successachievement, accomplishment, positive result, favorable outcome,
deteriorationdecline, degradation, impair( weaken/damage), depriciation
relationshipconnection, association, kinship(blood), affiliation
amountquantity, volume, measure, extent, size, magnitude, degree, portion
spendconsume, shell out, devote, invest, lay out, put in, splurge( money)
makebuild, put together, produce, create, shape, contribute
basicfundamental, primary, principal, elementary, central, salient, key, rudimentaryHe received a rudimentary education,
needsdemand, requirements, entail, necessities,entails considerable risks
happyelated, joyful, delighted, cheerful
usageconsumption, utilization, employment
importantessential, crucial, significant, necessary,
advantagesbenefits, blessing, gains, pros, merits
disadvantagesdrawbacks, cons, demerits, downside
alternativeviable alternatives
great amountconsiderable amount
increaserise, growth, increment, magnification, elevation
moreextra, additional, supplementary, increasingly, larger
lessscarce, scant
manynumerous, several, multifariousmultifarious activities
beforeprior to
definitelycertainly, undoubtedly
requireentail, necessitateA situation that entails considerable risks. A cut which necessitated eighteen stitches
criminaloffenders,Some prisons use music and drama to rehabilitate offenders.
Some young people in cities have a tendency towards graffiti and vandalism. (graffiti –  scribbling/spraying illicitly on a wall in a public place, vandalism –  deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property)

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