Picturesque surrounding villages – pikchuresq ( (of a place or building) visually attractive )
E.g. Picturesque villages/monuments/city/location


Secluded location ( private location )
Mitigating circumstances ( make the circumstances less severe, lessen the gravity of offence.


Inclement weather ( unpleasant weather )


Auburn hair – awe-bn ( reddish-brown hair )


Deliriously happy – di-le-riously ( extremely happy and excited )
The situation took me on a rollercoaster of emotions
Felt Dejected – ( sad, depressed )
Desponded attitude  – ( low confidence attitude )
Nerve-wracking experience- nerve-racking ( nervous, like when speaking in public – nerve-wracking wait – anxious wait )
Frown upon being the center of attention

Got a little out of sorts – ( got low in spirits )

Stomach-churning discussion – ( unpleasant discussion making you physically sick e.g. Despite the stomach-churning discussions, I will do it again in a heartbeat )

The tv show is right up my alley ( well suited to my tastes )

Imbues me with hopefulness- ( Inspires me ). Nora was imbued with a caring and compassionate nature ( to fill somebody/something with strong feelings, opinions or values ), imbued with notion of..
I throughly enjoyed the film.
I am absolutely delighted.
I was mildly surprised, he didn’t show up today ( little surprised )
I greatly appreciate your work.
I find the situation utterly absurd ( really inappropriate ).
I find his remarks deeply offensive/ slightly offensive.
Please don’t wind me up – ( annoy me )
I hanker after a bright red sports car – ( long for something you cannot have ), have a hankering for/yearn for, I have a hankering to return to my hometown someday.
You look full of the joys of spring today – ( lively and cheerful )
I am thrilled to bits at this news – ( extremely pleased/happy )

Personality Traits

Timid person – ( low confidence person )
He has an eye for detail

Speech and Language

Broad accent/agreement/smile ( strong accent/general agreement/ big smile )


He scraped a living, writing short stories ( Just earn enough to live, managing )



Commemoration dinner – k-mai- moration ( memorable dinner )


Waving my arm frantically – frantikly ( in a hurried, excited, or disorganized manner. )
Sped Off, Dashed out the door – ( Move quickly )
Groundbreaking research ( innovative research )
Engorged myself at the salad bar – ( eat to excess, fill yourself )
Until my heart was content ( satisfied )
Broached a topic – ( raised a difficult subject for discussion )
do it again in a heartbeat  – ( do a difficult work again without hesitation )
Snapped up or Snapped this up – ( Buy something quickly in excitement )
Furnish me with the phone – ( Give something to someone )
If my memory serves me – ( If I remember correctly )
learn solely on their own accord – ( On your own )
frivolously spend money – friva-lus-ly ( carelessly ) e.g. stop being frivolous ( carefree )
combat the disease
I don’t have the foggiest idea, what you mean/ how difficult it was – ( no clue )
cast light on a situation
I decided to shoulder the blame – ( take responsibility of something bad )
The company is footing the bill – ( paying the bill )
I head a team of twelve – ( lead the team )
I was hoovering ( clean with a vacuum cleaner ) and dusting all day, so now my flat is spotlessly clean.
We’ve been shooting the breeze for well over an hour now ( – have a casual conversation )
I went to the university with the intent of broadening my horizon – ( expand one’s range of interests, activities, and knowledge. )
I first made his acquaintance when he moved in next.( got to know him – formal )
He was delighted to make my acquaintance.
We must make a stand against the casino, they propose to build here.
The students staged a protest against rising tution dee – ( formal )
It took Mum ten minutes to rustle up a meal – ( make a meal quickly – informal )
This weekend I am going to run up some curtains – ( make quickly using a sewing machine ). Tessa helped me to run up some lovely cushion covers for my new flat.
This month our company should turn a profit for the first time.


He walked straight into a job – ( got the job very easily )


The pool is off-limits to everyone – restricted
This line of thought – ( a particular way of considering a matter )
money is the be-all and end-all – ( essential element )
He was hopping mad – ( extremely angry – informal )
It’s blatantly obvious – blay-tent-ly ( completely ) – used in a shameless and bad way. Example “It was blatantly obvious she was lying”.
It was downside rude of him – ( really rude ).
That’s wildly inaccurate.
The story is loosely based on the book- ( kind of based on ).
That’s utterly ridiculous ( extremely ridiculous ) / faintly ridiculous ( mildly ridiculous )
My new car is a double-edged sword, getting me to work but costing me a lot of money in gas and insurance ( something that has both positive and negative effects )
He’s late, well it figures – (It’s normal, expected, not surprising )


running a temperature – ( I have been running a temperature for the last two days )


Exam paper was dead easy – ( very easy ) informal


Stacks of Cash – ( sum of money, something that can be stacked )
It’s well within the ballpark – ( to be close to the right amount )
Average Joe – ( ordinary man )

turn my thoughts to buying a new home
He has a slim chance – ( small chance ) – fat chance ( no chance informal ).
His relationship hit the rocks – ( ended )


  1. Having experienced ….., I qualify as an unofficial expert on this matter
  2. I eased myself out of the door ( move outside slowly )
  3. Desponded attitude turned into a sense of satisfaction.
  4. One major resolution I made in life involved my movement from the BPO industry to a tech field. Shifting carriers into a completely different field, meant I had to start from scratch.
    To tell you the truth, most influence came from my brother who has been one of the pioneers of the tech industry for years.
  5. That being said, I couldn’t deny that changing career paths wasn’t filled with doubts and considerable reservations. Infact, it took me four years to finally decide to move, however ultimately, coming to the tech industry served me well.
    Taking into account the fact that I have learned a lot, spoke at multiple international events and organized several seminars in the last 2 years, I would have to say that the decision was rewarding.

    I studied rigorously for over 6 months and produced groundbreaking research on JavaScript. This learning and research lead to my attaining a position with a WordPress VIP partner firm called rtCamp.
  6. When it comes to eating out, I can recall a few special occasions of having some great exotic food. However one particular event that deserves a discussion is when I took my family out for a dinner over a weekend.
    Choose a dining establishment, delightfully selected.
  7. You know you cannot talk about Baghbaan, without touching the award winning menu. Most of my taste buds fancy the crispy starters, so I engorged myself at the Chicken tikka.
  8. Have all the people I care about in one place.
  9. It’s really challenging to narrow down my answer to one TV series I love to view. However if forced to decide, I would settle on Ted Lasso, since I have never missed a single episode since the time it was first out.
    Even though this series has gained a lot of popularity, I am not going to assume you know anything about the show.
  10. You have to understand, at heart, I am innovative, which means..
  11. The triggering of my imagination, really gets my creative juices flowing, which is a trait my job demands.
  12. It explains my affection.
  13. Although I possessed several wireless phones in my life, I would always remember my Nokia 320, my first digital device that I ever called my own.
  14. I can further confirm.
  15. If my memory serves me, it must have been…
  16. I cannot put into words the overwhelming excitement that filled my heart after I unwrapped the gift.
  17. I held the gift on my head as if I had won an Olympic medal. I jumped around like a kangaroo
  18. It’s a huge plus
  19. To wrap up, I will touch on what makes this place a wonderful option.
  20. Some argue that…