Phrasal Verbs

“Verbs that consist of a verb and a particle“. They are  idiomatic phrase


I had to contend with a lot of problems ( deal with )
I will not put up with such a bad behaviour ( tolerate )
I was worn out, so I dropped off ( slept ).
I usually drop off, as soon as my head touches the pillow ( fall asleep )
The path branches off to the river ( goes in another direction to the river )
The men tried to outdo each other – ( be superior to in action or performance. )
I feel snowed under with all the work my boss keeps throwing my way – ( overwhelmed with excess of capacity to absorb  or deal with )
He is a high flyer ( rising fast or promoted frequently )
Stella’s very talented – she could turn her hand to anything – ( turn your hand to – do it well, despite having no experience of it )
The workers feel they are not getting a square deal ( an instance of being treated fairly. ). He is good to his employees, always giving them square deal
Don’t lead me down the garden path—tell me what is really going on here – ( To mislead or deceive one )
What do you get up to at weekends – ( do )
I have a pretty full diary ( a lot of commitment activities )
His family raised the alarm or sounded the alarm when he had not come home by 9pm – ( to warn people )
I didn’t say anything because I did not want to rock the boat – ( say or do something to disturb an existing situation and upset people )
I’m toying with the idea of traveling to Europe – ( consider an idea or plan )
 The football team put away 20 pizzas after the game, and they were still hungry – ( eat a large amount of food )
Tell the people to hang loose until help arrives – ( relax or stay calm )


I went off football and started playing golf instead – ( lost interest in )


I hadn’t prepared a speech so I just said a few words off the cuff – ( without having prepared anything )
The gangs were working hand in glove with the police – ( working together closely, often to do something dishonest )
I am tired of these cloak-and-dagger ( secret ) meetings, lets discuss the issues openly – ( Involving secrecy and mystery )
Charlie is the nicest guy – he’d give you the shirt off his back if you were in trouble – ( willing to do anything to help someone )
The film was made on a shoestring – ( If you do something on a shoestring, you spend as little as possible )
It’s a no-frills shop supplying basic goods at affordable prices – ( A product or service that has no extra or unnecessary details, simple and plain )
His behaviour became so uncontrollable that he had to be placed in a straightjacket – put someone in a straightjacket – ( restrict someone’s freedom )
Blake may seems bossy, however its Cathy that really wears the trousers in that relationship – ( dominant partner in a relationship )
I am sorry you failed, however, don’t beat yourself up over it – ( o blame or criticize yourself ), don’t stress over it, its not a biggy
The party was a real bummer – ( a disappointing or unpleasant situation or experience )
I hope they will make a success of their new restaurant.


Luckily, she had her wits about her and could escape unharmed – ( able to think and react quickly ).  You’ve got to have your wits/keep your wits about you when you’re driving a car.
Please don’t abandon the idea.
cut back on the fatty foods
Because my dad lost his job, our summer plans are up in the air at the moment – ( undecided )
You’ll find yourself in a (real) pickle if you don’t have enough water during an emergency.–  a difficult situation
We should just wait out the storm before we attempt to cross the river.( wait until something unpleasant finishes or passes )


They both lived to a ripe old age – ( very old age, e.g. 92 )
She is personified as a widowed princess, bereaved and desolate – ( bu-ree-vd – adjective describing people in deep sorrow at the loss of a loved one ) ( deso-lat – feeling or showing great unhappiness or loneliness )
A great part of his army perished of hunger ( died )
An abandoned tyre whose rubber had perished ( decay, lose its normal quality )
He bequeathed his paintings to the museum – bi-quee-thd – ( pass on or leave (something) to someone else ), He bequeathed a large some of money.
His grandfather left a bequest of over £300,000 for him – bi-quest – ( legacy )


Nick only has eye for Diana – ( only attracted to )
platonic relationship – ( non-sexual affectionate relationship of opposite sex )
she was completely besotted with him – bi-sotted -( stupidly/blindly in love )
he was a man/woman after my own heart ( someone you admire because they do or think same as you )
Susan and I get on like a house on fire – ( have a good and enjoyable relationship )
bosom friends/pals – ( very close or good friend )
We have always been kindred spirits – kin-dred – ( think similar )
He has been my staunchest ally at work – staw-n-chest – (  loyal, firm, and dependable )
A rift can develop between two people – ( serious disagreement that divides people )
There has been a lot of discord – ( disagreement, discontent )
My friend and I don’t see eye to eye on most things – ( have different opinion )
A family fued – ( quarrel in family causing bad feeling for many years )


He is a fussy eater, and he’s never pleased with my cooking – ( ery picky about the food and doesn’t eat everything.)
We’re dining in tonight – ( dine at home )
I think that cooking is more of a chore than a pleasure – ( something you do rather unwillingly )
I couldn’t restrain my hunger anymore and went to the nearest fast-food restaurant ( to avoid eating when you really want to )
I feel like making a slap-up meal tonight – ( cook something very quickly )
After working all day, I had a ravenous appetite – ( really hungry, starving, voracious )
Don’t bolt your food down like that, it’s very rude! – (  eat a large amount of food very quickly )
She’s so ​thin, ​yet she ​eats like a ​horse ( eat a lot )
Dave eats candy all the time. He must have a sweet tooth. ( enjoy eating sweet food )
After not eating the whole day, he tucked into the pizza like a savage.
He must have worked up an appetite in the gym ( to work up an appetite )


Some people get tired after a long day’s work, but I feel like a million bucks – ( feel in very good health )


Bob’s real culture vulture, he goes to every theatre he can find – ( big fan of anything cultural )
I am bit of couch potato. I spend hours watching tv – ( physically inactive )