IELTS Essay Vocabulary

TopicWords/CollacationsStatement1Statement2Statement3Statement 4
Workemployees’ productivity,
staff’s work-life balance,
pay increments, perks, financial rewards such as bonuses or incentives,
on-the-job training,
career progression, 
job prospects,
performance, reviews, appraisals,
The company restructures, downsizes, or outsources 
its workforce.
Employers are constantly seeking ways to enhance their employees’ productivity. If workers are fitter and less stressed, their working time will be more efficient, leading to higher output and service levels.
Furthermore, the staff’s work-life balance will hopefully be improved because their leisure time will be more fulfilling.

If employers spend, for instance, on on-the-job training or day release programs, the employees would achieve better career progression and have better job prospects.
While health-related subsidies are superficially attractive, the lack of measurability is a substantial drawback.
e.g. ( “the theory is superficially attractive” – meaning as to the outward appearance only; on the surface. )
Educationdelivering effective lessons,
pedagogical skills/expert,
syllabus, academic achievement, higher education, autonomous learning, teacher-led, synthesizing sources, assimilate knowledge, pupils, study under supervision,
The course books have been developed by pedagogical experts and designed to be incorporated into a subject syllabus, leading to testing procedures such as formal examinations or continuous assessment.Course books are proven to improve students’ academic achievement, enhancing their potential for progression to further or higher education.

It is the role of teachers and school management to ensure that the use of the Internet remains a guided learning process, not an exercise in data-gathering from Internet sources that may be unreliable or even misleading.
Modern coursebooks allow pupils to coordinate their studies as part of group work, hopefully making their lessons less teacher-led and more about autonomous learning.

It appears that course books, with their quality and depth of material, are set to remain an integral part of the syllabus.

The universities should further( help forward or promote ) educational opportunities by providing additional scholarships.
Modern coursebooks teach us study skills such as independent research and synthesizing sources, rather than old-fashioned rote-learning.

The Internet can play a valuable part: supplementing and adding to knowledge the students assimilate via their course books.
Children/Familyfoster parents, guardians,
child-mining, after-school childcare, bullying, truancy
It’s undeniable that parental influence is essential for children when children live with their parents, foster parents, or guardians.It may appear advisable for parents to act as role models and establish ground rules for behavior by spending as much time as possible with their children.
It allows the youngsters to absorb conventions and codes of conduct that they can follow, hopefully leading to an absence of problems such as bullying, truancy, and delinquency later on.
In a society where many families are dual-income, or where one parent’s role as breadwinner means they are away from the family for long periods, inevitably, children cannot spend all of their time with the family.

Child-minding and after-school childcare are often used in these cases, and if managed properly, these can be perfectly viable alternatives. 
While family time is essential for bonding and absorbing behavior patterns, there are definite advantages when children are outside the family.
Nature/Environmentcontamination, emissions, landfills, endangered species, catastropheThe primary cause is accidental or deliberate dumping of waste products in places outside of controlled landfills or waste processing centers. Even small amounts of abandoned waste can enter water supplies through the ground, often undetected.The impact on human society can also be distressing, including the poisoning of drinking water, famine or drought due to lack of safe irrigation, and long-term loss of land as we see, for example, after the Bhopal poisoning catastrophe in India.
CrimeOffenders, to enforce the law,
Health, Nutritionsedentary lifestyle, obesity, inadequate development, active lifestyleThere are concerns about impairment of reflexes due to the repetitive nature of the hand muscles when playing video games and the poor diet of convenience food that often accompanies this lifestyleThe most alarming psychological impact of such activities is possibly the risk of addiction, meaning that children become obsessed with the games and are unable to socialize with family or peers. This obsession can undermine their interpersonal skills and make them underperform both academically and socially.Turning to possible solutions, perhaps the immediate step would be to foster a more active lifestyle through exercise regimes or sports programs that would help detoxify the lifestyles of children affected. This spirited living can be achieved through sports sponsorship or participation in competitive events such as races or matches, hopefully ameliorating the physical effects of excessive game use.
Culture, Art, Traditionpreserving connections, admirable objective,
cultural traditions and mythologies, cultural norms, cultural inheritance,
the fabric of society,
folklore, public duty
preserving connections with our past is an admirable objective, especially as the world evolves so rapidly.

Traditional costumes remind us of the origins of cultural traditions and mythologies. The historic Swiss national dress, for instance, evokes their medieval independence.

 It is the ceremonies themselves that convey the cultural norms that help to maintain the fabric of society
Admittedly, the historic dresses can play a key role in social events such as religious rituals or military parades, and these events are helpful in transmitting social memes such as public duty and self-sacrifice.Most countries have a rich heritage of legends and folklore about the birth and development of their nation, some of which are mythological and some being grounded in truth (as we see in the English stories about Robin Hood or George and the Dragon, for example.) 
 These stories are a cultural inheritance that embodies important symbols and concepts far more effectively than a dress.

 Similarly, we must remember the significance of art and music in passing on our traditions, in forms ranging from fine art to handicrafts, and from opera to traditional shanties and dirges

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