Essay Writing Structure

  1. Paraphrase the question( Use at least 70% )
  2. Know the controlling idea.
  3. Ask for the topic:
    1. What – are IELTS exams?
    2. Why – do we have these exams?
    3. How – can we do this?
  4. Ask for the Controlling idea – These exams are just for business
    1. What – To make money
    2. Why – because these exams are expensive and a lot of people have to take them.
    3. How – Each exam costs around $300
  5. Introduction
    1. Hook – should include the topic
      1. E.g. Millions of people worldwide take the IELTS exam each year.
    2. Background
      1. Key Terms – What is it?
        1. E.g. Governments and schools around the globe demand that applicants prove a certain level of english through the use of exams like IELTS.
      2. Importance – And why are we talking about it?
        1. These exams are difficult and expensive.
    3. Thesis – main idea of a writing that is your opinion
      1. E.g. Although some people think that the IELTS exams exist to make money, I think that they are important for societies to function efficiently and happily.
  6. Body paragraph- 
  7. Body Paragraph One – Efficient
  8. Body paragraph Two – Happy

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