Online shopping or Stores

Question: The growth of online shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons.

With the advent of technology, the use of online shopping continues to proliferate.
With that in mind, people often debate whether shops in towns and cities would become obsolete in the future.
This essay supports the continuation of physical shops in the future and argues why that would be the case.

The first argument relates to the fact shops attribute to human touch.
Physical shops allow one to get the feel and authenticity of the product by trying it out before purchasing.
For instance, according to a survey, 13% more people were content with in-store choices than online because they already tried it, which helps avoid unnecessary returns.
In addition to that, although online stores have chat support, people are more comfortable talking to a human in person. This is because communicating with a human, including physical gestures, fosters trust in the individual.

A second but equally important point highlights that purchasing products in shops offer authenticity and safety. While online shops may involve ease, purchasing products in-store allows consumers to test the authenticity before placing the order. To illustrate this, companies that sell products online often have many fake reviews, which makes it hard to verify the originality and reliability of the product.
Furthermore, while many consumers often become victims of online shopping scams, financial details shared during purchases in the store are usually secure. For example, when shared online, the credit card information is often saved into the database, but this is not the case with transactions made in the store.

By and large, despite the popularity of online shopping, shops in towns and cities will continue in the future. However, the best recommendation for those caught within this debate would include consideration of the above arguments.

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