Essay Conclusions

A conclusion paraphrases the content of the essay, and we can include our opinion at the end.


In conclusion, education at all levels should be free to all citizens. This is because, it helps develop employment opportunities, especially for the underprivileged. It also reduces crime by instilling greater moral values at a young age.

Example Sentences

  • To sum up, despite the …. we must take into consideration the… of..
  • In conclusion, although …. face variety of problems such as …, these problems are not insurmountable. In my view, it is the (goverment’s) responsibility to tackle these issues and they should begin by considering some of the solutions proposed above ( problem and solution with opinion ) – ( insurmountable – impossible to tackle )
  • In conclusion, despite the ( cultural shock ) and potential ( high cost of moving abroad ), I believe that the ( prospect of broadening one’s horizon ) is a positive which outweighs any and all negatives.
    ( broaden one’s horizon – expand one’s range of interests, activities, and knowledge. )

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