Essay Body Paragraph Topic Sentences

Common Phrases that can be used:


  • An important benefit of … is that..
  • This is because, it helps grow develop ( employment opportunities ), especially for the ( underprivileged )
  • …. holds some benefits.
  • Under no circumstances should…
  • ….. carries more weight than…. because it… to a higher degree.
  • One reason to choose …., relates to …. benefits.


  • A second but equally important point highlights that…., so….
  • In addition to the above points, …
  • Despite the above arguments, an endorsement for drawbacks involving….. subsists.
  • Despite the above arguments, some could oppose ….., based upon drawbacks.
  • After considering the advantages, the drawbacks now merit some meaningful discussion.
  • With the …. argument now dismissed, attention can shift towards the opinion that.. .
  • Included alongside …. benefits, ….
  • Be that as it may, solution exists for each of these problems mentioned aboved.
  • Notwithstanding the above salient reasons, ( – inspite of the above important reasons )
  • Factors mentioned above..
  • Yes, the points mentioned above offer strong arguments, however also consider ( alternative sources of power )
  • While this point does resonates well, ( solar energy ) also provides a reason to…
  • The reason behind this position derives from ( how this power source contains no polluting waste )
  • After considering the advantages, the drawbacks now merit some meaningful discussion.

Opinion Statement ( after BP1 and BP2 )

  • In general, ….. presents the best option.
  • The best recommendation is to … To do otherwise invites irreparable harm.
  • In my opinion, the benefits of …. outweigh the drawbacks, and …


  • To further explain,… .Not only the…but also…
  • As an initial point,…
  • Examining first how….one can can empathize with a negative attitude towards…
  • A first dispute point relates to..
  • Furthermore, as long as..
  • The next choice might relate to eliminating….
  • A potential way to view this fringe benefit, identifies with (a possible biological effect).
  • Another relatively known positive aspect that warrants favoring ( trees ) relates to how…
  • A direct correlation exists between..
  • In addition to the previous point,
  • Not only is this point salient, but also …

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