Tasks For Writing


  • Make Subject Specific Vocabulary Tables
  • Learn Collacations.

Things to keep in mind

  • Use Paraphrasing in introduction
  • Don’t use generalized statements.
  • Use proper Punctuation
  • Use subject specific vocabulary to avoid vague statements.
  • Use Present Simple tense in most cases.
  • Use Subordinating conjuction with Relative pronounce ( who, they )
    • In order to, So as to
    • unless, even if, Although, under no circumstances should
  • Use word formations like:
    • prefixes – e.g. use ‘disagree’ instead of ‘do not agree’
    • suffixes – ( use strengthens your body instead of ‘make your body stronger )
    • compounding (linking two or morebase words) – e.g. use ‘its heartbreaking’ instead of ‘it breaks my heart’

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