Effects And Solutions Of Sleep Deprivation.

Nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep.
What problems can lack of sleep cause?
What can be done about lack of sleep?

In recent years, lack of sleep has been a concern for humanity. With that thought in mind, a large number of people share their challenges of sleep deprivation. This essay argues the issues caused by improper sleep and its solutions.

The first argument relates to the difficulties faced due to lack of sleep. Although many people consider sleep as their last priority, not having enough sleep detrimentally affects their health. For instance, when a human body is deprived of adequate sleep, the organs are devoid of rest, because of which it has to go on adrenaline to ensure proper body functioning. Furthermore, if the body gets proper sleep, it holds a healthy heart that can survive longer. While this point resonates well, it is also crucial to consider the body’s inability to focus due to lack of sleep. For example, a human who sleeps less than 7 hours cannot stay focussed on daily activities and suffers from a disturbed state of mind for the next day.

A second but equally important point relates to the solutions to sleep deprivation. While many people often find browsing through social media or binging Netflix shows amusing, reading books instead surpasses such addictions. To clarify, if people read a few chapters of a book, it can increase their knowledge and promote a night of sound sleep. In addition to that, one must ponder the benefits of exercise because a workout session aids blood circulation and sound sleep.

In conclusion, getting adequate sleep by following good habits such as book reading and exercise is essential because it protects one from harmful effects of sleep deprivation like an unhealthy body and lack of focus.

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